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OpenMusicFestival is a Drupal 7 distribution enabling site builders to create the next generation of music festival websites.
Artists are listed with heaps of metadata. Multiple venues are supported. A scheduling system ties it all together.
Maintain artist profiles yourself, or delegate that task to their agents through an advanced permissions system.

With OpenMusicFestival, creating a high-quality music festival website just got a lot easier.

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Extensive artist listings make your performers look even cooler

There wouldn't be a festival without your artists. Give them the attention they deserve with rich listing pages complete with YouTube videos, Soundcloud streams, fully-linked schedules and more.

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Advanced schedules keep attendees in the loop

Save waste — let your festivalgoers find out what's going on via effective schedules they can view on their smartphones. With OpenMusicFestival's scheduling system, they'll never miss a set.

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More advanced features than you can shake a stick at

Because OpenMusicFestival is based on the industry-leading Drupal 7 content management system, extending your website is as difficult as adding a new module. Baked-in goodness like RDF metadata, responsive designs and zero-code customizable layouts mean that you'll be leading the way — leaving your competitors in the dust.

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Want to test-drive OpenMusicFestival?

Click here and then click "Launch Sandbox".


More documentation will be here shortly. For now:

Download OpenMusicFestival

Download Production version (Recommended)

Download Development version (For the brave)

To get started with OpenMusicFestival, you will need:

The following assumes you have already created a MySQL database:
  1. Download OpenMusicFestival from the above link. You probably want the "Production" version.
  2. Unzip/untar OpenMusicFestival. Upload the contents of the folder to your webspace. Or, if you have a shell account, upload the zipfile and unzip on the server to save time.
  3. Go to and follow the prompts. Make sure you pick "OpenMusicFestival" as your install profile!
  4. Enter your MySQL database info. Allow the installer to populate your database.
  5. Set up your admin credentials.
  6. You're done!
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